I know my teenage years are way over and if I could I would but I couldn't help but get hooked on the Plastiscines' new record About love. Every one of the songs of this album is driving me nuts enough to jump and dance on my seat with a giant smile on my face.
The reason for this is that they remind me of a sound I particularly like (dirty guitars and crystal clear voice with punky back vocals) and that I experienced last with the indefinitely on-hiatus riot grrrls of Sleater-Kinney. The Hot Rock is such a great album. And to think I almost forgot. Thanks Plastiscines for reminding me!

Plastiscines "Barcelona"


Sleater-Kinney "Start Together"


blast from the past

I forgot that Luscious Jackson was once my favorite band and I also forgot how their music was AMAZING!!!

This band from the 90's, backed up by The Beasties Boys who took them onboard their label Grand Royal, with a really great street sound that mixed all kinds of music pop, hip-hop, mellow, jazzy rock and what-not blew my mind one day when I stumbled upon "Naked Eye" on TV.

The side-projects of each member of the band (Kostars, Dusty Trails) was also of great quality and Jill Cunniff (only the most amazing voice on the planet) released a great solo album a few years back.

And to think I almost forgot that makes me a little sad...


Naked Eye
Under your Skin

Kostars "Never So Lonely"

Jill Cunniff "Lazy Girls"


new Dima album

Dima Bilan's new album in english is out. It's called Believe and it's rather good. Here is the goth-inspired cover that has absolutely nothing to do with what is mostly a RnB album. WTF Dima?


Spinnerette "Baptized by Fire"

Brody looks good in her new video for "Baptized by Fire". The song itself sounds pretty good and is far from the punk that the Distillers were playing. Sunny Californian Rock at its best, up there with Queens of the Stone Age!!! If you like them, stay tuned for supergroup "Them Crooked Vultures" featuring Josh Homme and Dave Grohl. Promising!!!


another Zhasmin video (+1)

It's been around for a while but I never came across it. Zhasmin looks cute in it. It's called "Bol"

This other one is called "Nochy" and is much more recent, 2009 I reckon. Is there another album in the works? I sure hope so. Zhasmin has been pretty prolific before and her last album was released in 2005... These two tracks were never released on a CD before and they are good.

presenting Nastya Prikhodko

She was a winner of the russian Fame Academy, she is from Ukraine and her voice is incredible. She sounds like no one else and sings pop like the traditional ukrainian singers sing their folk!

She represented Russia in this year's Eurovision contest and I absolutely love her music.

This is her official website: http://anastasya-prihodko.com/

And a few of her songs:

Tri Zimi


Mamo (Eurovision 2009)


new Sogdiana

Vspomenay Menya

Can't wait for a new album!!!


oh I forgot

Yes I forgot to post the Metric video for "Sick Muse" which was release some time ago now. Sorry.

new Shy'm

Step Back

Nice dancing. Nice hair!

Alsou is still in my ♥

yeah it's been a while since I posted...anything really! But I kinda want to pay tribute to my favourite russian singer whose carrier is on hold at the moment (or is it not?)
Well, any of you can now enjoy this wonderful, nature oriented, video for Alsou's first single out of her tatar language album "Tugan Tel".